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Professional English Communication in Higher Education Contexts

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Extensive In-house and open training

Participants: Employees within KI

We understand how important it is to be clear and concise when putting across one’s professional message. This training will develop the participants' confidence and authority in oral and written communication in their professional areas.

We propose six sessions of two hours each session in which the participants will have the opportunity to go through, practice and perfect 'hands on' the key skills required in professional and academic English as well as the most common functions and expressions in their area(s) of work.

The advantages to be had from dividing the training up over a twelve-week period gives the participants a great opportunity to reflect over what they have learned and practiced and can discuss any questions they may have throughout the whole period of training.

The training will comprise:

  • review and training of language skills - oral and written,
  • standard written communication within academia – also considering levels of formality
  • the language that is required to create and build professional relationships,
  • leading and taking part in professional and academic meetings of various kinds,
  • discussion of subject specific topics relating to the world of higher education,
  • vocabulary extension exercises,
  • raising awareness of common Swenglish errors – how to put it in English not Swenglish!
  • giving effective presentations around ideas and plans, requirements and results.

Training outcomes:

  • Improved fluency and confidence in English
  • Extended professional and social English vocabulary
  • Improved formal and informal presentation techniques in English
  • Improved telephone and face-to-face meeting skills, finding the words when you need them
  • Improved pronunciation and intonation skills
  • Enhanced active listening skills

Number of Lessons:

12 lessons - six sessions @ 2 x 60 minutes.

Number of Participants:

As agreed – we recommend a maximum of 10 participants per group on campus.

Groups at the British Institute - max 6 participants.


As agreed on your premises (Campus Solna or Campus Huddinge) or at the British Institute by Kungsträdgården.


During the spring of 2017:

On campus, as agreed, or at the British Institute (weeks 6-16 Thursdays 11.00-13.00)

contact Sheila Macdonald-Rannström tel: 08 545 45 370, sheila.rannstrom@britishinstitute.se for more info.

Course Fee:

Six weeks, 12 lessons@60 minutes: SEK 2 200.- excl. tax (moms)/participant.

Let us help you see the light and get your message across