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What gives you the advantage over others when it comes to winning contracts and creating new business partnerships internationally?

Naturally competence and an established reputation are very important aspects but what many neglect or simply do not think about is the importance of considering what “rules” govern social and business practices in the countries in which they plan to work.

And no less important is to consider what is characteristic of their own company/country culture and expectations – what are their new business partners going to meet up with when they do business in Sweden?

We help you to transfer your professional power base, your expertise and your knowledge to a foreign language; English.

The British Institute will be your link, your bridge to better professional communication in international contexts. Take the step from acceptable communication skills to competence and confidence in international English communication.

Let us help equip you with the language skills and cultural knowledge and consideration so necessary when communicating in our increasingly global professional and academic world.

We provide the language services and tools you need:

Professional Coaching in English

Translation, Proof Reading & Language Audits

Courses & Workshops


 “The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn” DavidRussell              Scottish classical guitarist b.1942