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Translation Services

Sentence structure, word choice, style and register are every bit as important as getting the spelling right.

Most people have experience of translations that fall short of what could be described as clear, concise and professional.  Many have also seen examples of work which is so poor and full of inconsistencies and ambiguities that it is totally unsuccessful in conveying the message intended.

The British Institute delivers superior quality translations, proof reading and editing carried out by our staff who always translate into their first language, thereby ensuring clarity, nuance sensitivity and wealth of linguistic variety.

We translate texts within many professional areas such as medical and research texts, sales and marketing, financial and economic reports, and of course websites.  The same applies to proof reading and text editing.

Feel free to contact us - we will respond swiftly with a proposal and an estimated delivery time.

To say we will treat* the topic from two perspectives Can sound correct, unfortunately it's not right at all.

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