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Proof Reading

Proof Reading

If you’ve got a message to convey, make sure you do it professionally.  It's quite natural to be pressed for time when we create important articles, written presentations and marketing materials such as for a website.

Today, a website is often the first contact one has with a new company or organization. You have one chance: it is difficult, if not impossible, to correct that which has already been understood and read by the visitor. Perhaps a potential customer? Or a possible new business partner? The language says who you are.

In a paper written by a student at Stockholm University the writer demonstrates that 67% of one’s first impressions are based on language; both what is said and how it is said.  Body language and your appearance come after that.

We help you by efficiently proof-reading your important texts and lifting them to the level to which you aspire. Our translators and proof-readers have a wide experience of a variety of subject areas and types of media.


Don't let you language competence cloud your professional competence! Let us take care of the fine-tuning of your written communication.